Pino Vino VI



Pino Vino VI
Red Wine

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Pino Vino VI is an exclusive bottling of Sangiovese featuring rescued English Bulldog named Munson from Winston-Salem, NC. Each year, Raffaldini Vineyards pays tribute to all rescue animals by crafting Pino Vino, named for the Raffaldini family dog, Pino, a rescued husky-shepherd mix.

Made in the modern “Super Tuscan" style, this Sangiovese-based wine is full-bodied with ruby red color and exceptional clarity. The nose reveals succulent black cherry fruit while strawberry and red fruit flavors round out the palate. A touch of Petit Verdot heightens the fruit aroma that balances a refreshing acidity. Pairs well with prosciutto, grilled vegetables with olive oil and garlic, wild game, mozzarella or cheddar cheeses, or drink alongside your “best friend.”

As with all previous vintages of Pino Vino, a portion of the proceeds from Pino Vino VI Sales benefit local animal shelters and organizations.

Food Pairing: Prosciutto, grilled vegetables with olive oil and garlic, wild game, Mozzarella or cheddar cheeses.

Type of Wine: Medium bodied red with high acidity and moderate tannins.

Origin: Sangiovese roughly translates from Latin as " Sanguis Jovis” or “Blood of Jove". Jove was the Supreme God in Roman mythology. It is the principal grape grown in the Tuscany region of Italy. Three clones of Sangiovese are the most sought after. The first clone, Sangioveto or Grosso is used for Chianti. The second clone, Brunello is used to make Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino and the third Prugnolo, for Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines.

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