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The Location
We reviewed more than sixty possible locations for the vineyard. We chose our site based upon the rocky, schist-based soil, northern and eastern aspects, excellent drainage and a near constant breeze. We are also blessed with incomparable mountain views.

The Grapes
We planted more than thirty different grape varieties and clones to understand what varieties thrive in this unique macro and micro-climate. Vines not capable of expressing their inherent character were replanted with other varieties. 

The Vineyard
We believe that fewer grapes on a vine produce more fruitful wine, so we harvest at a low two tons an acre. We continuously hedge the vines to provide optimal sunlight and turn clusters by hand to insure balanced exposure. We apply a holistic spray program relying heavily on organic and natural sprays.

The Harvest
We conduct numerous harvest passes of the same grape variety, as we believe that each grape cluster ripens on its own schedule rather than at our convenience. Upon harvest, the grapes are immediately placed in a cold room to encourage balance between sugar and acidity.

The Sorting
Every grape cluster is hand-sorted, one at a time, just prior to pressing. The material sorted out is returned to the vineyard and becomes part of the organic compost we recycle back into the vineyard.

The Maceration
We are firm believers in letting the juice of the grapes have as much contact with their skins as possible. This extended maceration produces more intense and multi-dimensional wine.

The Aging Process
We do not oak our white wines for we believe that white wines are at their best when they are subtle, fragrant and delicate. Our red wines age in oak that is toasted with hot air convection rather than the far more commonly used open flame fire method. This allows us to deliver the exact profile that we are seeking to coax from the grape.

The Promise
At Raffaldini, we believe that one’s reputation takes a lifetime to build but can be lost in the blink of an eye. In making wine since 1348, we have learned over the centuries that patience, a willingness to take risks and to choose the path rarely taken is the legacy that we are most proud of. Our commitment to you is to honor this philosophy and relentlessly pursue our utmost efforts on your behalf.

Tasting Room Hours
Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm, Monday 11am - 5pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Wednesday – Sunday 1pm & 4pm



450 Groce Road * Ronda, NC  28670 * p. 336.835.9463 * f. 336.835.9330
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