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Agrarians through history and philosophers by destiny

There is an old Italian proverb that says, “the land the farmer rejects is the land that the vineyard accepts.” This implies that the less fertile and more rocky the land, the more superior the wine will be as the grape vines struggle for survival by digging deeper into the soil in a never-ending search for water and life’s minerals.

"Honey, I've just died and gone to Tuscany."

-Anthony Baratta, National 1st Vice President, the Order Sons of Italy in America

Nestled near the Yadkin River and Blue Ridge Mountains, the rolling hills and gentle slopes of the vineyard are blessed with mild breezes that constantly freshen and circulate air. Unique to the vineyard is a predominant amount of broken granite and schist which provide for excellent soil drainage and trace mineral extraction. This gives grape fruit that certain sense of terroir or "place". Moderate elevation levels of 1200 feet and colder facing aspects allow for temperature variation during the growing season which slowly builds acidity and complexity. Most importantly, the vineyard possesses an indescribable sense of totality and energy that only comes from a complete union of spirituality, energy and historic legacy.

With this understanding and deep respect for the land, a careful sculpting and shaping along the property’s natural contours and aspects began. Three years later, twenty-seven acres of classic Italian and some French varietals were planted with an additional ten acres of central and southern Italian grapes planted in 2004, and an additional three acres in 2005. (see our listing of varietals in the 'Estate Grapes' section of the web site). Over time, more Italian varietals will be added upon their release from quarantine from the California repository of vines. Some of the varietals are so unique, that the Raffaldini family is not only the sole vineyard in the East Coast to plant them but also the first in the United States.



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