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Estate Grapes | Trebbiano

Type of Wine: Light-bodied white with high acidity and no tannins.

Origin: Trebbiano hails from Northern Italy specifically around the provinces of the Veneto, Umbria and Emilia Romana. It can be traced back to the 13th century and due to its prolific fruit production is among the most widely planted grapes in the world. Trebbiano has also been called Ugni Blanc and White Hermitage. Due to its very high acidity the grape is often used in the production of sparkling wines such as Franciacorta, Prosecco, Grappa and Cognac.

Color: Trebbiano can range from a clear white to a soft yellow in color with light green hues.

Description: Trebbiano is all about the acidity structure which is bracing. A wealth of green fruit and citrus fragrances on the nose and stone minerality on the palate defines the wine. Subtle flower and white peach hints are also present.

Aging: This is a wine that needs to be consumed early in its life due to the lack of tannins present.

Best Location: As with most varietals, warm days followed by cool nights build acidity and round fruit flavors. Great care must be taken in the vineyard to manage vigor and deal with the prolific production of grapes the vines produces.

Planting: The grapes were planted with a northern exposure. This aspect provides the benefit of a cool-down period from the intense summer heat. These cooler temperatures allow for the “grapes to rest” and not deplete the vines of their acids and flavor compounds through avoiding over-respiration. The thick skins of Trebbiano helps with disease pressure.

Food Pairings: Trebbiano is best served with simply food light salad, vegetable based dished, antipasto and bruschetta. Made in the sparkling format it can also be best used before the meal begins and as a mid course palate cleanser during multi course heavy meals.

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