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Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery LLC

Auguri Sparkling Wine Holiday Re-Release

Date: Sat, Dec 29, 2018
Time 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Venue: Villa Raffaldini
Contact: Raffaldini Vineyards
Phone: 336.835.9463
Email: info@raffaldini.com

Put some "bolle" in your holiday! Auguri! This common toast translates from the Italian as "To Your Happiness." Our handcrafted, traditional sparkling wine has a refreshing acidity that allows it to pair with holiday treats, and who doesn't love the pop of the cork and the delightful fizz of a sparkling wine to put you in a celebratory mood? Stock up on Auguri ahead of your capo d'Anno (New Year's) celebrations. 

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