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Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery LLC

2017 Auguri Image

2017 Auguri


This common toast translates from the Italian as To Your Happiness!  We are proud to present our inaugural traditional method fully sparkling wine. Eschewing the easier method of fermenting in the tank we chose to ferment all 1200 bottles one at a time, each in their own bottle.  This traditional method is extremely laborious but produces the highest quality of wine and is a pure labor of our love for this wine.  We simply adore this style of wine and it is frequently compared to Franciacorta, the highest end of Italian style Champagne produced in the Province of Lombardy, home of the Raffaldini Family.

Grapes for this wine are harvested in late July when the acid is still high. A light press allows for subtle flavor development that will later be amplified by the carbon dioxide.  The first fermentation begins in the same way as any wine, converting the natural sugar in the grapes into alcohol while the resultant carbon dioxide is allowed to escape. This produces the base wine, which is very acidic. Yeast is added to empty bottles where they are then filled with the base wine along with priming sugar. Then they are stacked on their sides for secondary fermentation. This fermentation lasted three months. Throughout this process, the wine is checked weekly for flavor development, sugar depletion and carbon dioxide production. 

When the wine is depleted of sugar, the yeast is removed from the bottle through a process known as disgorgement. The bottles are inverted into a chiller where the remaining yeast is frozen in the neck. Once the cap is removed, the frozen yeast is removed from the bottle due to the pressure of the wine. The wine is then corked and caged and ready for you to enjoy. 

After the glass is poured, the sound of bubbles fizzing alongside the smell of sliced green apples open your senses. As the bubbles pop across your palate, flavors begin to explode with a rush of apple, pear and white peach. The finish highlights a minerality of crushed slate and hints of tarragon. 

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