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Raffaldini is pleased to announce our very limited production release of our Vinello series to our loyal wine club members. During the excellent 2021 grape harvest, we experimented with an old Italian winemaking method known as Vinello to great success.

This event will be held at the Winery and is exclusive only to our Wine Club Members. Food pairings will be provided by High Country Boards to complement each of the three wines in this series. 

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Another Way to Chill at Raffaldini Vineyards. Join us on Monday at 9:00am EST. Online via Zoom. 

A  60-minute yoga class designed for all students who have a desire to enhance their well-being through movement, breath awareness and self-inquiry.  Set-up your mat and get ready to change the world, one breath at a time!

 This class is taught by Maureen Stitt…Any questions, please contact Maureen directly at maureen@raffaldini.com 


NOTE:  After purchase, you will receive a link to join the class via Zoom.  Please note, you must make the purchase at least 30-minutes before the class begins.

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