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November 7, 2019 | Raffaldini Vineyards

A Personal Note From Jay Raffaldini

An Update from Jay Raffaldini

Greetings All –
I hope this email finds everyone happy, healthy, and looking forward to spending the holidays with family and loved ones. I would like to give you an update on Raffaldini.
Meditazione available for purchase on November 16, 2019!
After much deliberation on the style of dessert wine we wanted to make, we are pleased to announce the release of our 2016 Meditazione in the Villa Tasting Room and website on Friday, November 16th. As the name implies, in Italy, a dessert wine is also known as a meditation wine for it is consumed at the end of the evening meal when one can relax and reflect upon the day and all that has transpired. It gives pause, slows one down, and allows time for what I commonly refer to as an "exhale moment.” It is typically served in half bottles (375 milliliters) rather than the more common 500 milliliter bottles used for Port, or 750 milliliter bottles used for non-fortified wines. Because it is a limited production wine, Meditazione will be bottle sales only. 

Girasole to be replaced by Paradiso in March, 2020
We will be replacing our rosé Girasole with a new wine called Paradiso. While it is a rosé, it is slightly effervescent and fermented naturally in a style that Italians call "Col Fondo," which means “on the bottom,” because that is where the sediment resides in this unfiltered wine. It is incredibly refreshing and aromatic and will be moved to the end of the tasting line up when it is released the first week in March.  
Raffaldini wines at Trader Joe’s?
Yes indeed it is true. Trader Joe’s recently approached us about selling our 2017 Sangiovese and 2017 Liguria in their five North Carolina stores for the holidays. My reaction was heck let’s give it shot and see if we can reach new customers who are not familiar with our wines. So you should be seeing it on their shelves imminently, and I would be pleased to receive any feedback you may have on this decision.
2019 was a bad year for growing mushrooms but…
Finally, as many of you can attest by the size of your irrigation water bills, this summer was incredibly hot and dry, and while that is difficult for lawns, landscaping and mushrooms, it is wonderful for grapes. The 2019 harvest was simply incredible, one of the best we have ever had, and I look forward to releasing those wines in the coming years.
So on behalf La Familigia Raffaldini we wish everyone a joyous holiday seasons.



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