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December 13, 2021 | Newsletters | Raffaldini Vineyards

Raffaldini Releases 2017 Grande Riserva NFT (Non Fungible Token)

Raffaldini is pleased to introduce its first NFT, Non-fungible Token, Grande Riserva 2017!


We are introducing this Grande Riserva NFT onto the digital marketplace. We have selected the 2017 Grande Riserva, to commemorate the 20 years that Raffaldini Vineyards has been operational. 


To further celebrate this once in a lifetime opportunity the lucky buyer will also receive a 20 year Classico wine club membership which provides access to members-only events, discounts on merchandise as well as event tickets, and 6 bottles of wine, twice a year. 


Many of you are already well familiar with the wine, but what is a non-fungible token(NFT)?


Think of it as collectible digital pieces of art or commemorations. Traditionally, physical art has been replicated, reprinted or faked, and requires an expert to verify the legitimacy, but NFT’s are backed by blockchain, a digital record of each transaction, allowing anyone to verify its legitimacy.


The flight of the Bumble Bee defies physics; their wings are too small and don't flap fast enough to support their weight. Yet somehow, through the sheer force of their will and determination, they fly. Given the nearly impossible climate conditions in North Carolina, we should not have been able to make such a spectacular wine, yet we did. Montepulciano, Petit Verdot, and Sagrantino grapes were all harvested at optimal ripeness, triple-sorted, and then dried heavily using the Appassimento drying process to further concentrate the grapes natural flavors and aromas. We give you the 2017 Grande Riserva.


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